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Now Hiring AMAZING People

If you're interested in applying, simply click here to submit your application.  Please have a digital resume ready to upload to the application. Please check for grammar and spelling before submitting the application. 

Positions Available


Who are we looking for: You'll be the first person a patient sees when they come in to the office and the first person they hear when they call!  You'll need to be energetic, happy, self-motivated and have an AWESOME disposition!

What will you do: You'll be an incredibly-important part of the team. You'll be answering phones, scheduling patients, handling payments and more!  You'll never be bored!

Required: All training is provided.  If you fit the description above, please apply!

Pay: $11/hour

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Who are we looking for: You're going to be playing a vital role in patient care! You will need to have excellent bedside manner, be friendly, approachable, easy to talk to, and have great communication skills.

What will you do: You will be assisting the chiropractic physicians so you will be helping with taking vitals, scanning patients, helping with x-rays, helping with patient care, etc.

Required: All training is provided!  We will teach you how to take vitals, perform exams, assist in care, etc.  We will even help you with your licensure so that you can help with x-rays! If you meet the description above, you're ready for this!

Pay: $11/hr

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Who are we looking for: We are looking for people who are friendly, motivated, hardworking, energetic, dependable, great communicators, outgoing, and who have a winning mentality!  One of the most important jobs we offer is this one because you will help us to save more lives by representing our practice to the public!

What will you do: You will schedule and organize events, work community events and screenings, build community relationships, do "Lunch and Learns" with area groups and more.

Required: Be top-level AWESOME!  We provide all the training for the Practice Representative system.  However, one thing we cannot train is personality, smile, crowd engagement, etc. 

Pay: $12-14/hour

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